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Learn business Italian with Centro Studi Italiani's language courses. Our business Italian course will help improve your Italian language skills.

Learning business Italian is essential for foreigners seeking to work or progress in their careers in Italy.

Whether you're using Italian in a work context or have recently relocated to Italy, finding a suitable business Italian language course can be challenging. Issues such as the absence of specific courses nearby to suit your needs may arise.

In addition, it can be difficult to identify high-quality programmes in a saturated market.

In this article, we delve into the details of Centro Studi Italiani's business Italian courses and explain why you should choose to learn with us!

Key Points: 

Choosing the Right Business Italian Course

Participating in a business Italian course is essential for effective communication with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. This becomes crucial when planning to relocate to Italy or seeking employment after a recent move.

The choice of a business Italian language course depends on various factors, including your industry, role, and specific goals. It is therefore crucial to identify a business Italian course that is tailored to your specific circumstances. 

You’ll need to find a business Italian course that covers targeted content, such as formal communication, technical language, and presentation skills.

While numerous options are available, courses that are too generic might lack the necessary focus on business Italian.

Opting for an online business Italian language course provides more flexibility, allowing you to organise your schedule effectively.

However, selecting the best online Italian language course requires even more careful consideration.

Let’s take a closer look at Centro Studi Italiani’s online course. 


Centro Studi Italiani's Online Business Italian Course

Our Business Italian online course seeks to provide targeted language training with a practical application focus in a professional context.

This course caters to individuals, students of all levels, and companies looking for a business Italian language course for their employees.

The course is designed to provide you with a wide range of language skills, including oral and written comprehension and production

Whether you need to consolidate existing language skills or acquire new ones for career growth, this course is designed to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  1. A team of qualified teachers proficient in online instruction.
  2. 60-minute lessons (unlike the 40 or 50-minute lessons offered by other language schools).
  3. A dedicated interactive e-learning platform
  4. Educational materials, including an online editable textbook, created by our in-house team.
  5. A flexible multilevel training path from absolute beginners (A1) to advanced levels (C2).
  6. Live streaming lessons for interactive participation. 
  7.  A written evaluation at the end of the course certifying achieved language competence.
  8. A programme tailored to your specific goals.

It is also worth noting that you can choose between an online group business Italian course or individual lessons for a personalised learning experience.


Reasons to Learn Business Italian with Us

The world of business Italian courses is vast and varied, making it challenging to identify the right course to suit your needs.

Online courses provide a functional solution, allowing flexibility in attending lessons.

However, you run the risk of choosing an online Italian language course that doesn’t meet your needs.

Choosing Centro Studi Italiani will allow you to learn Italian in Italy from professionals with 40 years of experience teaching Italian to foreigners.

Not only will you benefit from our proven teaching method, our language schools also serve as Certification Centres and examination venues for CELI and CILS exams

Finally, we collaborate with Italian institutions, international partners, universities, colleges, high schools, and music conservatories globally, further attesting to our school's reputation.

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